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the british flag: where it all started

Have you ever a crazy moment in your life, when something was said, or something happened, and everything just seemed to click? That is how we got our name, Jjinc Design. It was one of those moments. If you want to know the whole crazy story, just drop me a line and I'll be glad to tell you about it. (The reason the whole story isn't here online is because it's just one of those things when... well, you had to be there...)

Anyway, it all started with three of us. Myself, Suzie (aka "just Jane") and Kevin. We've done a great deal together. Suzie has the ideas, the smarts, the constructive criticism; Kevin (who has now moved on to another field & business), was a photographer and the original motivator; and me, well I just play on the Mac and see what we can come up with to help those who ask for our services. We bring on others as needed, to complete the complexities of web coding, or on larger contracts - making for a very customized and talented team. One of our key goals, and part of our primary focus (check out more in our mission page), is to provide good solid graphics (both print & web) to christian ministries, mission agencies, and church related projects - in whatever way we can, including some pro bono efforts (an area we are constantly trying to grow). We each recognize that our talents and wisdom can only come from God and so whatever good comes out of this, to Him be the glory (1 Corinthians 10:31). I have a little page dedicated to my simple passion...

We started in 2003/4 as simply a print graphics group, but added web design in 2006. Check it out if you're interested in having a website created.

Suzie and I are members of an exciting mission organization, Crossworld, and we aid them in the areas of graphics consultation and support as well as an indirect hospitality ministry. I have a few other organizations and friends that I'd like to promote, although I should say that I cannot endorse everything on every site I link to. Check them out on my weblinks page. Happy browsing!

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